CCNE is a member of the Better Choices for Connecticut – a coalition of nonprofit providers, public service workers, and community and advocacy organizations created in 2009 out of deep concern about the growing state budget deficit, the prospect of damaging cuts to services and investments, and the need to modernize our revenue system and address a structural budget gap.

CCNE is a participant in both of these non-partisan groups of organizations that have come together with the common goal of increasing voter turnout and civic engagement in the cities of Hartford and New Haven, respectively.

CCNE has been active in the healthcare4every1 campaign from its inception. Healthcare4every1 is a grassroots advocacy and educational effort that organizes residents, businesses and organizations to work together to make quality, affordable health care a reality for everyone in the state. In the fight for universal health care, we work closely with the following allies (click on the respective organization for more information):

Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition (BCAC)
Christian Activities Council (CAC)
Citizens for Economic Opportunity (CEO)
Connecticut Citizen Action Group (CCAG)
CT Health Policy Project
Planned Parenthood

A faith movement acting for a just society, the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice is committed to addressing social, economic and racial injustice in our region. Members are drawn from the region’s diverse religious and cultural communities, which reflect common spiritual values and shared commitments. CCNE has collaborated with ICEJ on the healthcare4every1 campaign, Community Voter Project, and other social and economic justice efforts.

CCNE is part of PWF’s national network of partner organizations dedicated to building power and reshaping the economy and urban environment for workers and communities. Our movement shares a commitment to expanding and connecting community and worker organizing for quality jobs, affordable housing, shared prosperity, and a healthy environment.


The Berger-Marks Foundation, whose mission is to help organize women into unions, provides both financial support and camaraderie to people and organizations doing that work.

1,000 Leaders provided CCNE with invaluable training, materials, and facilitation. This support enabled us to run several successful institutes designed to develop the leadership and skills of emerging and grassroots leaders.

Crossroads Campaign Solutions is a political consulting firm providing essential services for successful political campaigns, business ventures, and nonprofits. Crossroads provided CCNE the support that enabled us to lead a non-partisan “New American” Get Out the Vote effort in Hartford’s most under-represented and immigrant-dense neighborhoods in November 2012.

The mission of the Central Labor Councils (CLCs) is to improve the lives of working families—to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our state and the nation. CCNE enjoys frequent collaboration with the Hartford and New Haven CLCs and their members.

The Peoples Center is a labor and community center for educational, social and cultural activities, which opened in 1937. CCNE has enjoyed a rich, fruitful partnership with the Peoples Center and its family of passionate, dedicated activists over the years.

The UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock supports organizations that put Unitarian Universalist principles into practice. The Veatch Program funds Unitarian Universalist and community organizations working on a variety of issues in different parts of the country, including CCNE.

CCNE grew out of the local labor movement and continues to lead a vibrant labor-community-clergy coalition in New Haven. Working together, we are raising standards and winning concrete changes for working families in New Haven and beyond.

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut is an independent, nonprofit, grant-making organization dedicated to achieving a quality health care system that is affordable and available for everyone in the state. They believe that health care is a fundamental right. Their leadership of the healthcare4every1 campaign is part of a broader movement for social and economic justice.