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“New Haven Works” Pipeline to connect unemployed residents to jobs advances

Good jobs make for strong communities -and New Haven is rising!  After years of door-knocking, leadership training, and organizing around an agenda that puts the needs of our communities front and center, we’re finally turning the tide in New Haven.  In 2012 the Board of Aldermen unanimously adopted a legislative agenda reflecting key issues from CCNE’s […]

“Achievement First and Newhallville are showing our city how development can benefit everyone”

CCNE is delighted to report that a Community Benefits Agreement has been reached between Achievement First and the Newhallville community! On December 17, after two months of negotiations, Achievement First and Newhallville leaders proudly stood together as partners in a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). Achievement First is a non-profit charter school management organization that operates 22 […]

Piping Up: Employees, prepare to meet your employers (Jobs Pipeline)

“Piping Up,” by Sam Bendinelli Yale Herald, September 21, 2012 The story of New Haven in the last decade is a tale of two cities. Most visibly, and especially since the recession took hold, there has been high unemployment. New Haven’s rate has hovered between three and five percentage points above the national average, and […]

Advocates Call For CT To Move Forward With A Public Option

“Advocates Call For CT To Move Forward With A Public Option In Wake Of Decision” by Christine Stuart | Jun 28, 2012 CT News Junkie During a celebration of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Patient and Affordable Care Act, religious leaders and health care advocates called on Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to embrace a […]

New Hope for New Haven

We’re in the Nation! Paul Bass’s in-depth article on the the recent shift in power at the city level and the many challenges we’re now working to overcome discusses CCNE in the context of the broader community, labor, clergy movement for economic and social justice in New Haven. http://www.thenation.com/article/165867/new-hope-new-haven-connecticut   “New Hope for New Haven, […]

Clergy activists’ “Love Ambush” a plea to expand access to health care

Clergy from across the state came together for a powerful Valentine’s “Love Ambush” Action & “Where’s the LOVE for health care?” interfaith prayer vigil Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care, healthcare4every1, and allies in the movement for health care justice descended on the Capitol with a message for Governor Malloy (whose recent State of the […]

Occupy (New Haven’s) Wall Street March & Rally, 12/06/11

                  Check out these local stories on the December 6th Rally: “Protesters march in New Haven against joblessness, violence (video),” New Haven Register “Unions, Occupiers march for jobs and safety,” New Haven Independent “Unions and Occupiers march on City Hall,” Yale Daily News