Piping Up: Employees, prepare to meet your employers (Jobs Pipeline)

“Piping Up,” by Sam Bendinelli

Yale Herald, September 21, 2012

The story of New Haven in the last decade is a tale of two cities. Most visibly, and especially since the recession took hold, there has been high unemployment. New Haven’s rate has hovered between three and five percentage points above the national average, and by the latest counts, 6,400 New Haven residents are actively seeking work. And then there are unemployment’s attendant consequences: low school achievement, spiraling levels of poverty, spikes in crime and violence. In 2011, there were 34 murders; it was the city’s highest tally in 20 years.

Yet at the same time, New Haven’s job market is actually growing. In April, while Connecticut as a state dropped 4,100 jobs, the New Haven labor market expanded by 1,700 posts. “There are two very different stories going on in our city right now,” said Laurie Kennington, president of the Local 34, the union representing Yale’s clerical and technical employees. “One is about the economic downturn and joblessness and violence; the other is about the revitalization of downtown and the expansion of the economy here.” What the jobs pipeline aims to do, then, is merge these two parallel chapters into a single narrative.

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Read more on CCNE’s work in pushing for a “pipeline” -or comprehensive jobs training and local hiring initiative-  here:   http://www.ctneweconomy.org/2012/08/jobs-pipeline-program-connecting-un-and-under-employed-residents-to-good-jobs-advances/

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