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  • "NIght in the Neighborhood" fundraiser party, December 1, 2011,

    Join friends and allies at Latino arts space, Arte Inc, for a Night in the Neighborhood infused with the sights, sounds and flavors of Fair Haven!

    CCNE is working hard to build a diverse movement for economic and social justice. You've been with us in the struggle for good jobs, workers' and immigrants' rights, racial and environmental justice, access to excellent public education, quality health care, affordable housing, and safe healthy communities.

    We want YOU with us to celebrate recent accomplishments, replenish our spirits, and prepare to advance the struggle for a new social contract in New Haven and beyond!

    Ticket are $75. Ads in our program book and sponsorship packages are available. Ad copy is due November 16th. With Ad Copy or to RSVP call or email Jaime: -or- 203.710.1084

  • OCCUPY (New Haven's) Wall Street Rally!, December 6, 2011,

    We are the 99% and we need good jobs, safe streets, and real democracy!

    Deregulated corporate greed and financial sector recklessness tanked our economy, and corporate-backed lobbyists continue to hijack our democracy. While Wall Street profiteers pad their pockets and corporations continue to rake in record profits without paying their fair share (GE paid zero taxes in 2010), working people are increasingly unable to support themselves. In fact, 1/3 of the nation is now living in poverty.

    Things don't have to be this way. There is enough work to be done and enough resources to go around, but it's being hoarded at the very top.

    Join UNITE HERE Local 34, the New Haven Central Labor Council, Occupy New Haven and other community and labor organizations to demand more jobs for all residents!

    The march will begin at 5PM at City Hall, then go to the AT&T building on Orange street, in support of the members of the Communication Workers of America, who are about to begin contract negotiations with AT&T. From AT&T we'll head to Chase Bank, then to Wall & College Streets to support Yale workers who are also starting contract negotiations.

  • Support the Affordable Care Act (ACA) against attempts to repeal, January 12, 2012,

    Join our allies from the Progressive States Network at a press conference unveiling their Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court in support of the federal ACA. Our legislative allies in the fight for Universal Health Care need our support.

    Press conference will be in room 2A of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

  • Consumer voices silenced: Health Insurance Exchange Action, January 19, 2012,

    The state's health insurance exchange, a key part of federal health reform, is intended to give individuals and small businesses more options for buying insurance. The ACA law that creates the Exchange requires consumer representation on the board and has strong "conflict of interest" language forbidding insurers from sitting on the Exchange board. Nevertheless 3 insurance industry executives have been appointed to the board - a clear violation of both the spirit and letter of the law.

    Come to the Capitol to demand that consumers and small business have a voice in health care reform. Meet in the Legislative Office Building Cafeteria at 8:30 am.

    L.O.B: Exchange action (before 9:00 am meeting)

    - Contact Dan Diaz: 860-674-0143 x 110

  • Corporations are NOT people: anniversary of "Citizens United" action, January 19, 2012,

    Meet at the Old State House in Hartford to protest the Supreme court's 2010 "Citizens United" decision. The Citizens United ruling has brought a flood of shadowy, corporate money into our political process. It’s an attack on our democracy. In a system where one person, one vote is supposed to be the rule, huge corporations are having an outsized influence.

    Stand up against corporate greed, demand an end to corporate personhood! We need clean democratic elections, accountable institutions, and investment in jobs and infrastructure.
    FMI: contact John Murphy:

    Join us January 19th in Hartford and sign the petition in favor of a constitutional amendment to limit corporate influence in elections here:

  • Occupy the Capitol - Demand health care for all!, February 8, 2012,

    On Opening Day of the 2012 Legislative Session: The Corporate Lobbyists WILL be there . . . Will YOU??

    There’s a lot at stake this year, and the opponents of health care reform are already working overtime. It's up to US to demand a health care system that leaves no one out.

    On 2/8/12: Tell Governor Malloy and legislative leaders: we CAN'T GO BACK and we CAN'T AFFORD TO WAIT! NOW is the time to make the promise of health care we can all count on a reality. Stand with us!

    To RSVP or for more info: 203.710.1084 or
    What’s at stake:

  • Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care meeting, February 9, 2012,

    Join fellow clergy and lay leaders from diverse faith traditions, races, ethnicities, and genders from across CT to fight for quality, affordable health care for everyone.

    We'll get up to date on the status of reform efforts, including recent Fellowship meetings with key policy-makers, and plan a powerful "Standing on the Side of Love" action.

  • New Haven Votes Coalition meeting, February 10, 2012,

    New Haven Votes Coalition is a non-partisan group of organizations dedicated to increasing civic engagement & voter turn-out in New Haven.

    Please join us at the next meeting of New Haven Votes at The Grove, 71 Orange St.
    1) Specifics of CCNE-led Community Voter Engagement Project
    2) Planning voter information booklet for 2012
    3) Updates on effort to register new citizens
    4) Other new ideas

    Find us on Facebook:
    For more info or to rsvp: Kim Hynes (860) 549-1220 -or- (203) 979-4676 mobile

  • Valentine's Day "Where is the Love?" Action (& Prayer Vigil for universal health care), February 14, 2012,

    Governor Malloy: where is the LOVE for health care?
    Don't give all your LOVE to the insurance industry - save some for the people!

    We have a real LOVE DEFICIT and we need you to SHARE the HEALTH. BE OURS and show some love for the uninsured, for small business, for consumers, for people of color. We need health care that includes everyone!
    Wear your heart on your sleeve and help us deliver "Valentine's" to Governor Malloy and the SustiNet Cabinet members. Don't miss this fun, important action! We'll have a festive, colorful "bleeding hearts" procession from the SustiNet Cabinet meeting, down Elm Street, through the Capitol building to Governor Malloy's office (~ 1/2 mile total). Costumes, pageantry, puppets, tuxes & prom dresses, banners, chocolates, flowers, streamers, glitter, and anything RED encouraged but not required!

    WHERE: State Capitol. Meet at 8:30 a.m. in the Legislative Office Building atrium (main lobby/1st floor) to join the prayer vigil at the SustiNet Cabinet meeting; or at 9:00 a.m. at the DEEP (79 Elm St) to join the procession to the Governor's Office. (Free parking in the garage behind the Legislative Office Building or on-street).

    WHO: Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care, Occupy, healthcare4every1 and YOU
    Find out what's at stake:

  • Statewide Hispanic Clergy Summit / Cumbre Pastoral Hispana Del Estado de CT, February 25, 2012,

    CCNE and the Interfaith Fellowship invite Latino clergy, their spouses, and congregational leaders to hear Rev. Sammy Rodriguez -renowned for his work on immigration - on the importance of getting involved and advocating for issues that impact your community.

    Full breakfast will be served. Call David Amdur (781-249-9320) for more information.
    Free of charge but you must RSVP and register.

  • Public Hearing on the state Basic Health Program (SBHP), March 21, 2012,

    This Public Hearing is our chance to show how, without the SBHP, tens of thousands of adults will wind up UNinsured rather than pay the unaffordable costs of private insurance in the Exchange, when federal reform starts just 15 months from now (January 2014).

    A critical piece of reform under the federal Affordable Care Act, the state Basic Health Program is a federally-funded option to provide subsidized, comprehensive coverage to low-income adults between 133%-200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). In Connecticut, there are between 75,000 and 100,000 people who would qualify for the SBHP. Despite being a life-saver for these people, and despite being a major step toward closing the racial gap in access to care, and despite being cost-effective, the Malloy administration is resistant to implementing the SBHP. This is NOT a foregone conclusion. If you care about health care justice we need YOU to raise their voice and fight for this!

  • Health Care for All NOW action, April 10, 2012,

    Our state leaders need to hear, loud and clear: there’s work to do in 2012 to expand access to health care and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities. Don't miss this important action – it’s up to US to put health care reform back on track. When the SustiNet Health Care Cabinet meets to design alternatives to private insurance (including a public option) this month, we need to make sure they know we're counting on them to deliver. Stand with CCNE and the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care as we show our state leaders we're going to hold them to their promises. All are welcome

  • Senator Looney Meeting on State Basic Health Program, April 23, 2012,

    We have a matter of weeks left before the end of the legislative session to get 75,000 low-income residents access to health care at no cost. But in order to do it we -and our elected leaders- need to look into their hearts and into the eyes of their constituents and find the courage and conviction to stand up to the opposition (which includes the powerful private Insurance Industry and the Malloy administration). Senator Looney supported SustiNet. He supports health reform. And he can play a real leadership role in turning things around and getting health care back on track. Constituents and Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care activists meet with Looney to deliver the message.

  • Interfaith Fellowship/health care for everyone: Public Option NOW action, June 12, 2012,

    We have our eyes on the prize. The SustiNet Cabinet's work to develop a Public Option and recommendations on a State Basic Health Program is nearly complete. We must hold the Cabinet and the Malloy administration accountable to this task of expanding access to health care and controlling costs. They need to know the people of CT are counting on them to finish what they started.

  • NH Board of Aldermen: Working Group on Jobs Pipeline will present recommendations, hear public testimony, August 30, 2012,

    the New Haven Board of Aldermen Pipeline Working Group will present their recommendations on how to create a comprehensive pipeline connecting local residents to training and good jobs tomorrow night, August 30th at 6:15pm in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall (165 Church Street).

    Exciting things are taking place this fall at the BOA & across New Haven! To ensure the Pipeline lives up to our ideals and aspirations we encourage residents to come testify, ask questions and hear the news.

  • May Day 2013: March for Immigrants' & Workers' rights, May 1, 2013,

    "We are a nation of immigrants fighting together for good jobs, unity and peace"

    Join CCNE & our allies to March & rally for real immigration reform, ending deportations, and equal rights for all workers!

    Gather / reunirse 5:00 pm
    Speakers / discursos 5:45 pm
    March / marcha 6:30 pm

    Todos a la calle! — Marcha y rally por una verdadera reforma migratoria, un alto a las deportaciones, y derechos iguales para todos l@s trabajadores.

    Amistad Catholic Worker, Colombia Action CT, Connecticut AFL-CIO, Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance (CIRA), East Haven Immigrant Community, Greater New Haven Labor History Association, JUNTA for Progressive Action, Latino Advocacy Foundation of Fairfield County, Mecha de Yale, Ministerio de Hermandad, New Elm City Dream, New Haven Friends Meeting, New Haven People's Center, New Haven Peace Council, New Haven Rising, Seminarians for a Democratic Society, SEIU local 1199, SEIU 32BJ, UE, Unidad Latina en Acción - New Haven Worker's Association, UNITE HERE

  • Save HUSKY-A! Rally & lobby day to protect health care for low-income families, May 22, 2013,

    The Affordable Care Act will make health coverage available to hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents. But in Governor Malloy's budget proposal, 37,500* parents who now get comprehensive health care through HUSKY will lose it -- unless we act NOW.

    We need our legislators to stand up and defend HUSKY health care. Act now, tell your legislators:

    Health Reform is supposed to be about more people getting better health care, NOT about people losing benefits or becoming uninsured. *Don't cut HUSKY parents!*

    TAKE ACTION NOW: Join the Rally & meet with legislators at the Capitol (short training & materials provided)

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